Becoming a Real Estate Developer (RE162)
(No.33), May 24-25 (Tuesday-Wednesday), 2022
How to Build and Manage Rental Apartments (RE163)
(No.28), May 26-27 (Thursday-Friday), 2022
BMR Housing Markets Outlook Q1/2022 (Executive Seminar)
May 27 (Friday), 2022, 13.00-17.00
Techniques Future (Seminar)
(No.3), May 28 (Saturday), 2022
Increase Value (Seminar)
(No.3), May 29 (Sunday), 2022
The median price of the excavated timber - the construction cost of the building (Forum245)
May 31 (Tuesday), 2022
Investment on Property Legal Execution of SAM (Seminar)
(No.8), June 7 (Tuesday), 2022
June 7-8 (Tuesday-Wednesday), 2022
Purchase (Seminar)
(No.4), June 8 (Wednesday), 2022
Financial Feasibility Studies for Real Estate Development Projects (RE121)
(No.69), June 9-12 (Thursday-Sunday), 2022
Fast Track Valuation Techniques for Brokers and Investors (Seminar)
(No.8), June 12 (Sunday), 2022
Law and Regulation Related to Real Estate (RE100)
(No.78), June 15-18 (Wednesday-Saturday), 2022
How to Sell (Seminar)
(No.4), June 18 (Saturday), 2022
Sales Techniques for Professional Real Estate Sales Representatives (RE132)
(No.33), June 20-21 (Monday-Tuesday), 2022
Establishment of the Juristic Body for Housing Projects (RE142)
(No.36), June 24-26 (Friday-Sunday), 2022
Real Estate Sale (Seminar)
(No.9), July 8 (Friday), 2022
Professional Sales of Real Estate (RE131)
(No.66), July 15-17 (Friday-Sunday), 2022
Real Estate Valuation (AP100)
(No.146), July 20-23 (Wednesday-Saturday), 2022
Real Estate Marketing Communications for Professional (RE134)
(No.16), July 23-24 (Saturday-Sunday), 2022
How to Develop Market (Seminar)
(No.11), August 5-6 (Friday-Saturday), 2022
Development of Boutique Hotels & Hostel (RE164)
(No.13), August 19-20 (Friday-Saturday), 2022
Low-Rise/High-Rise Construction Management (RE171)
(No.32), September 14-16 (Wednesday-Friday), 2022
Taxation Planning and Accounting Management of Real Estate (RE151)
(No.51), September 27-28 (Tuesday-Wednesday), 2022
PRIX D’Excellence Awards 2022
November 25 (Friday), 2022